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Bellow you can see Munchkin kittens, which you can buy in our cattery for further breeding or as a pet. All kittens leave the cattery after deworming and vaccination against infectious diseases and have appropriate marks in the veterinary passport. In addition, all Munchkin kittens are tested for carrying genetic diseases (HCM).When buying a Munchkin kitten, the new owner receives a contract of sale, a veterinary passport with marks of vaccination and deworming, as well as a pedigree or metric. We always carefully monitor the health and nutrition of our Munchkin kittens.We can help with the delivery of the kitten and find a courier to accompany him. We prefer delivery in the cabin, not in the cargo compartment.All delivery charges for the kitten are made by the buyer.Rules of import of cats in different countries differ from each other. Please read the rules of importation into your country by yourself. You can also see the following kitten statuses:

If you can’t find a kitten of the desired gender, color, or class on this page, send us a request using any of the contacts listed on the Contact page. Our kittens are waiting for their new loving owners!

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