Cinthia – Female Munchkin Kitten


Gender: Female
Delivery: Ships to other states
Age: 8 Weeks Old
Microchipped & vet checked

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Munchkin Cat For Sale Florida: Absolutely Stunning Little Girl.

Munchkin Cat For Sale Florida. Absolutely stunning little girl. I keep calling her pudding because she’s just such a chunk of Munchkin kittens for sale Florida beauty .
All eating complete dried food ( burgess ) and drinking water . Occasionally still feeding on mum but teeth mean she’s not wanting that lol.
All our Munchkin kittens for sale Florida use the litter tray perfectly , scratch post and washing herself brilliantly .
She has such a cheeky personality , plays all the time , always wanting a snuggle and fuss . A really beautiful little tiny munchkin kittens for sale .

Daddy is a white/apricot Lambkin with the gentlest personality and huge “barn owl” eyes TICA registered. Mummy is a Munchkin. We have 3 breeding Mummies and only breed occasionally and if we have interested future fur-parents, whom have demonstrated genuine interest.

Our kittens are confident, litter trained and gentle creatures, they come from a loving family home, not bred in cages like some breeders. Please note these are Intelligent and Active cats, we will not sell to breeders of flat face cats. We also have available pure white munchkin kitten for sale. Contact us for details and videos.

Price for our white Munchkin kitten includes:
*Age appropriate vaccines and worming
*International passport for your Munchkin cat Scottish fold
*Health certificate for your Munchkin cat Scottish fold
*Written sales contract (for you and our protection)
*Carrier bag if needed
*Pet grooming
*First vet inspection FOR FREE (at particular clinic)


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