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Contrary to what you may read or hear, there has been no harm that comes from crossbreeding the Munchkin and Scottish Fold. The two naturally occurring mutations are not related, and the gene that causes the fold has nothing to do with the gene that causes the short bones in a munchkin cat for sale. No extra health issues come from breeding Munchkin x SF. If you would like to be considered for a munchkin cat for sale near me, please choose a Scottish fold munchkin cat and submit an order for quickest response.

Price for our munchkin cat for sale near me includes:

*Age appropriate vaccines and worming
*International passport
*Health certificate for your Scottish fold munchkin cat
*Written sales contract (for your and our protection)
*Carrier bag if needed for your dwarf kittens
*Pet grooming
*First vet inspection FOR FREE (at particular clinic)

> Can be fixed on customer request.
> Nationwide delivery available at $200.
(Cargo delivery by plane | Car delivery | Personal delivery *door to door* for your dwarf kittens)

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